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Review: Redemption by Charity Santiago

Title: Redemption (Lady of Toryn #3)
Author: Charity Santiago
Release date: December 24th 2012
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 128
Source: Review copy from the author

In the war to save Toryn and claim her throne, eighteen-year-old Ashlyn Li has lost almost everything that she held dear. Tasked with rebuilding a kingdom ravaged by a powerful, deadly magic, she must also choose between Drake Lockhart, the enigmatic vampire she has loved for three years, and Vargo, the charismatic assassin who risked his life to save her.

Desperate for answers, Ashlyn embarks on a search that will reveal secrets hidden deep within her family's past. What she discovers will change her life forever.

After the end of Regret, I'd been dying to read this. Thanks to Charity, I got to read it immediately! Regret ends at a very intense moment - it's the kind of moment where you're holding your breath until you find out what happens next. Redemption starts off right where Regret ended, and it's just as action-packed and thrilling as the previous two books.

Ashlyn has just lost her father, and she also has to deal with her feelings about being the Elder Heir. Does she want to ascend the throne or not? The love triangle gets even more confusing in the first half of this book. But Ashlyn does make a decision, and she sticks by it. Kou is still somewhere out there, and the FLD are on their toes, waiting for him to make the first move. This is definitely a one-sit read, because you won't be able to put this down until you're finished!

It amazes me how much Ashlyn has grown and developed. She's a lot more mature now, and she thinks things through before making any rash decisions that could get her in trouble. I admire her emotional strength, because despite the fact that she just lost her father, she wants to keep going, and she's determined to avenge him as well as do her duty as the Toryn Elder Heir. Ashlyn has a lot of tough decisions to make in this book, but I believe she's made the right ones.

If you've read my reviews of Return and Regret, you'd know by now how much I love Vargo. Well, he just keeps getting better! I really felt for him in this book, and I also love the fact that he's always there for Ashlyn when she needs him. He comforts her and does everything he can to get her mind off of the death of her father. He's a lot like Ashlyn in a lot of ways, and I totally think they're made for each other.

I also liked Drake a lot more in this book. He's also begun to show his true feelings for Ashlyn, and I liked how protective he is of her in Redemption. Drake learns some very important things about his past, things that he can finally let go of. I was really happy for him, since he didn't have to carry the burden of guilt anymore.

In this book, we get to read about Lord Li's life in detail. Ashlyn finds her father's old journals, and she reads them to find out more about him. There are a lot of shocking revelations in them, things that could potentially change Ashlyn's entire future. I found Lord Li's thoughts really intriguing, and I definitely looked at him in a different light. I totally wished he were still alive, after reading all his diary entries and stories! I liked that Ashlyn got one more chance to get to know her father better.

This book was definitely quite bittersweet for me in some ways. There were things I wholly approved of, and other things that made me feel kind of sorrowful. But all in all, I think this was a great end to the Lady of Toryn trilogy, and I was sorry to say goodbye to these character. For now, at least. Charity is writing a spin-off series featuring Skye and Restlyn, so I'm really looking forward to that one!

*Thank you to Charity Santiago for providing me with a copy for review*

Rating: 3.5/5

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